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Last week I had to fill out my cover art form for Entranced Publishing. There were so many questions! Some things were easy to answer like “what does your heroine look like?” But when it came to your ideal cover or your favorite book cover, I didn’t really know what to say. I want a book cover to my published book. I mean, being published is the dream. The cover is just icing! And my favorite book cover? I need to make a confession. I have never really looked at book covers. I look for the blurb and then start reading. I’m a book addict. I don’t want to wait to appreciate the cover. I want to dive right in. That’s like asking me to appreciate the way food is plated. I don’t care. Just let me eat it! For my birthday my husband took me to a book fair, and for the first time I really looked at book covers and fell in love with this one!

The Night Circus

Please come with me on this amazing journey as the book that started on my computer two years ago becomes a reality.  I’ve already learned that even though you can’t judge a book by its cover, a cover is an art unto itself. Follow this blog to see all of the other wonderful things I learn on this journey.

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