About a Boy

How do you explain your book? Before I had a publishing contract, I tried to get some friends and family to read my book. My husband has read it six or so times. I married him solely for his grammar skills. But no one else was really interested. I had to force my mother to read it. Other people wanted to, but they had too much else going on. But now that I have a publisher, everyone is interested. People think I’m glamorous and will soon be famous. I can’t even count the number of people who have said, “Oh my God, you’re going to be the next J.K. Rowling!” While I love J.K. Rowling and would have no qualms with having a theme park based on my book, I think chances of that might be not so good. It is a lifetime goal to have more money than the Queen of England, but I’m ok if I have to write a few more books to get there. I mean, I’m sure I will be a billionaire by thirty-two. I would say thirty, but I choose realism.

After comparing me to an international phenomenon, they always ask what the book is about. And this is when I get into trouble. I have the short version. “It’s a young adult fantasy novel.” The long version (i.e. my Query I submitted to get the contract). But I think that may be too long sometimes. And it makes me sound like a telemarketer.

I recently texted my friend, “It’s about a boy, and he loses his family, and the girl he loves takes him away, and there’s magic, and terrorists and stuff. Yeah, I’m a professional.” Which is entertaining, but probably not what my publisher wants me to say.

So, what is my story about? A boy who loves a girl and would do anything to protect her. And there’s magic.

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