Head Hopping


Round one of content edits has begun! My beautiful and perfectly spaced manuscript has changes that must be made. And aside from being a whole lot of work, it’s messing up my page numbers.


Really, all the things that need to be changed are for the best. All things to make my little book stronger and better. And none of them have anything to do with the core of the book, the story and the characters. It’s all just making it tighter and faster.


My biggest problem is Point of View and Head Hopping. For those of you who don’t know what Head Hopping is, I choose to define it as the inability to control one’s tendency toward displaying multiple personalities at one time. A problem that I believe is linked to years of acting in the ensemble of shows, where you are expected to play ten characters within a two hour production. Usually with wig changes.


But I’m working on it, slowly. One chapter at a time. Picking which character needs the scene. And really, it’s making the book better. Editors know their stuff. Well, at least mine does.


For those of you who would like real information on Head Hopping, here is the link my editor gave me. Because I have an editor. Which still sounds really cool and a little weird. My editor… sweet.


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2 thoughts on “Head Hopping

  1. Sounds like a pretty interesting (and intense) process! Looking forward to reading the final result.

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