Winning Round One

Round one of content edits is finished and turned in! It was an interesting learning experience. Having someone who doesn’t know me, who has never, and possibly will never meet me, have such a huge influence over the direction the book is taking is a scary and humbling experience.

There were some things, like the fact that I hate commas, that I was already a little aware of even if I wasn’t ready to admit the extent of my comma phobia. There were other things that I had never really thought of before, like the fact that you can’t say: “I hate commas,” Megan gripped the table. Words cannot, in fact, grip the table. You have to write: “I hate commas,” Megan said, gripping the table.

A huge scene had to be cut. But really all that means is more mystery leading into the next book.  I get to plant all sorts of little things that come into play later on. And my story survived. All the twists and turns survived as did all of my characters. I even added a chapter, the creation of which caused me to run up to my husband and say frantically, “I need a fox! A flying, snarling fox!”  It’s proof that I have a wonderful husband that he smiled supportively and said it was a good plan. Then he read the entire book out loud to me so I could hear what it sounded like. That is true love.

I don’t know where the next round of edits will take me, but I do know that this round made the book stronger and tighter. I am so excited to see where this is going to go!

I have also been talking to my cover artist (because I have one of those) about ideas for the cover. I went into Barnes & Noble to look at book covers. Here are pictures I took of some of my favorite ones. Cover artists are such talented people. They only have ten seconds to make you want to read a book, and these covers definitely made me want to read all of these books.

Also, the Entranced young adult imprint “Rush” is having a Facebook event on October 9th. There’s going to be giveaways and everything. So, like the page and attend the event. You can keep up to date on news about my book and maybe win some free stuff!

IMG_1948 IMG_1945 IMG_1947 IMG_1950 IMG_1949

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