Top Ten Things I Do While I Should be Editing my Young Adult Novel The Tethering

Top ten things I do while I should be editing my young adult novel The Tethering:

#10 Sleep: When in doubt, curl up in a ball someplace warm and wait for it to be over.

#9 Watch kitten videos: I can’t help it, cute kittens sooth my soul.

#8 Do a show: When your making money job involves dressing up like a pirate, going to work is pretty fun.

#7 Work on my blog Or this blog. Really, anything to avoid editing.

#6 Make a list of things I do while I should be editing: Because this is a productive use of my time and will help my book become stronger and better.

#5 Play on Facebook: No explanation needed.

#4 Watch the videos of cats I found on Facebook: See numbers 9 and 5

#3 Drink more coffee than the human body should ever attempt to consume: Having the shakes makes me a better writer.

#2 Plan how to escape my condo should the Zombie apocalypse happen while I am editing: This is about survival people. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail

#1 Demand love and cuddles from my husband who keeps reminding me I have a deadline of October 31st!

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