My Musical Muse

I live a chaotic life. Right now, I’m living in cast housing with just my husband and two wonderfully chill and quiet roommates. But still it’s hard to find a quiet place to write with that many people living independent lives in the same house. So when I need to write, or lately, edit, I put on my nice big headphones and listen to music.

But then the question is what to listen to? I can’t do lyrics that I know or I start typing the lyrics into my document which can become embarrassing. For example:

“Oh I know you’ll fight for her,” Dexter said, laughing as he sent another lightning shard into Jacob’s stomach. “But I kissed a girl and I liked it.”

While I do love Katy Perry, she does not belong in my book.  So I usually choose movie soundtracks. I love anything John Williams. The Harry Potter soundtrack is great, especially when played by the Prague symphony orchestra. My real obsession is the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack. If you have never seen the movie, go watch it. And while you’re crying tears of joy at its gloriousness, take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the music is.

But How to Train Your Dragon is about Vikings. And suddenly I want to take out all the romance from my book. They should have swords! And be on boats! No more love. Must have seafaring adventure now! But somehow I don’t think my editors at Entranced Publishing would like it if I completely rewrote my  novel to make it about Vikings.

So, I’ve had to find another musical option and Pandora came to my rescue.  Feel free to laugh when I say that The Tethering has been powered by Celtic Spirit radio. Call me crazy, but there’s something about bagpipes that just says romance to me.

What do you listen to when you write? Do you have a musical muse to help you on your way?

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