Surviving Round Two

Round two of contents edits on The Tethering is done! There were far fewer changes this time around. Instead of changing which character’s point of view the scene was from (please see my blog on head hoping), I had to change the phrasing of things. Which, while still time consuming, is a lot easier on my poor little author brain. There were still a lot of commas. And I hate commas. I feel like a comma must have killed me in a past life or something.

Perhaps that will be my next novel. A story about evil commas. They come in interrupting the sentences of the world and creating paragraphs of chaos. Or perhaps evil zombie commas that eat the brains of poor unsuspecting writers as they desperately try to edit their manuscripts while on a deadline. I’ll have to contact my publisher and see if they’re interested.

This round of edits had a few phases, and thank God for Word’s track changes function. First, I went through all the notes my editor had put in and made all of those changes. Then I went back through and re-read my changes to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind. Track changes is wonderful like that. Look for the amazing Technicolor pages, and that’s where your changes are.

Then I read through the whole manuscript very carefully on my husband’s laptop while he read through it on my laptop. There was a very legitimate reason for us making the computer switch, but I honestly can’t remember what it was. Then we compared notes and created one master document that we sent back to my editor.

All this, and somehow I’m still married. I’ll hear back from my editor in a bit, and hopefully she’ll like all of the work I did.

In the meantime like ORussellauthor on Facebook, follow me on twitter, and  send me lots of love as I keep plugging away on the sequel, which I still call by its title in my heart, Emilia.

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