Inspiration Creation

How do you find inspiration for a new book? Do you wait for inspiration to strike, or do you go out into the world looking for the next idea? The idea for my first book just sort of happened. I had a scene in my mind, a scene that is actually in the prologue now, in which the characters are actually much younger than they are in the body of the book. But still, that one-hundred word scene was the start of a story that will be my first published novel.

I have a few more books either being worked on (the sequel to The Tethering, for instance), and a few more that are just concepts on my computer. One spawned from a twitter chat with my fellow Entranced authors, which happens every Tuesday at 9pm with the #RomLitChat, so please join us if you tweet. One is a reworking of the first book I wrote a long time ago. And the last came from the most interesting source.

We were having a small family disagreement about the ownership of a poster, and now I feel the compulsive need to research things I know nothing about to write a book.

Sometimes a section comes to me, just a scene. I went on a trip to Europe with my husband, and there is now a scene in the sequel to The Tethering that is definitely a tribute to Venice. Hair that belongs in France. And a storm that only exists in my mind.

Is this the normal way of things? You see something, a face or a place, and then it is in your story for all to see with you? I suppose that is one of the gifts and curses that comes from being a writer or actor or artist of any kind. We pick up fragments of life as we travel through the world and have the deep need to find some way to share those moments with others.

May inspiration find you wherever you are, and may you find a way to share what she gives you with the rest of the world.

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