Based on the Novel by Megan O’Russell

Last week I went to the premier of Catching Fire, the second of the Hunger Games movies. I’m a big ole dork, so I had to get there early enough to get really good seats. This, of course, meant standing in line for awhile. During our wait in line, the people around me were all talking about the books and the first movie. Things they were hoping weren’t left out in the movies, and details they remembered differently.

And a little part of me, the part that dreams really big, kept wondering if anyone would ever argue over the details in my story.Will people argue with their friends over the exact details of the first kiss? Will they defend their favorite characters? And, if the fates and Hollywood smile down on me, will people wait for the midnight premier of a movie based on one of my books? Will people talk about what lines from the book they would be “so pissed” about if they got left out of the movie? But most importantly, will local jewelers be selling jewelry “inspired by” my book at the concession stand for $9.95?

I know that I’ve already beat the odds by getting a contract for my book with wonderful Entranced Publishing (click here to visit the Entranced website), and I am incredibly grateful. But wouldn’t it be neat to hide in line for the midnight premier of a movie based on your book and just listen to the crowd? To be able to see your creation, however changed it may be, on screen? Of course, you take the risk of it ending up like the Eragon movie, but we can hope for Christopher Paolini’s sake that there will someday be a decent remake.

Having your book turned into a movie is a farfetched dream to be sure. But if you dream big, the odds might just be in your favor.

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