The Successful Sequel

While working on content edits for my young adult fantasy novel The Tethering (By the way, I love starting things with “my young adult fantasy novel The Tethering.”Please don’t judge me. It makes me feel cool.), I have also been working on the sequel.  I love continuing the story for my characters. Getting to explore the relationship between my hero and heroine on a new level is so much fun. But, there are hard things, too.

The real problem boils down to explaining Quidditch twice. J.K. Rowling invented a game. Millions of people can explain to you how the rules work,  but what do you do for the readers who pick up book two and don’t know what a golden snitch is? How do you reiterate the rules of your world without boring readers who have already spent time in it? There are no games played on broomsticks in my book, but there are rules of magic that need to be understood in order for the story to make sense. One spell in particular is the principle upon which the story hinges.

In the first book, it’s easy to introduce the concepts organically. The reader receives the information along with my hero. Now my hero has the information, but if the readers skip the first book, or don’t remember all the details, I need to reintroduce the information without creating an info dump. How do you explain the details without getting mired down in them?

If you have any wonderful tips, I would love to hear them. Right now I’m still in the very rough draft and experimental stages. I’m still riding the learning curve, but I have faith that with time and editing, all will be revealed in an interesting and immersive way.

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One thought on “The Successful Sequel

  1. I would like to know the answer to that too. Haha! Its best to just ask people to read from the start and not jump into the middle of the series.

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