I Quit Quite

I hate the word quite. I know it’s strange to have a hatred for a word. It’s a lot of energy to waste on such a little thing. But it is the truth. Moist I’m fine with. Quite I hate.

My hatred for the word is threefold. First, the boy I dated in high school used the word excessively. Not just a little but quite a bit! All the time! If you asked him a question of any kind, you could count on quite being a part of the response. I don’t blame him. We all run into a vocabulary rut, but just like the fact that I can’t stand James Bond (same boy, different story), quite irks me.

My second problem is how funny it is to spell. Quit, quiet, and quite are much too similar when typing in a hurry.

Part three of my loathing comes from the fact that quite is a useless word. It’s not quite descriptive enough to really tell you what you want to know. Is the show quite long, or is it three hours long? Details people! The devil is in the details.

Now that you have quite enough information to determine that I am quite insane, I bid you farewell and hope you have quite a lovely day.

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