2013: A Year in Review

Line edits are done! I feel like I have just won a marathon. Except I sat at my computer the whole time, and I’m really only done until my editor says I’m not. If she says I’m not. But who cares? I call this a New Years win anyway!

2013 has been a huge year for me. As a human being, I had the opportunity to travel to so many new and wonderful places. As a writer, I started two blogs (the other, which has nothing to do with being an author and has funny stories that are moderately adult can be found at lifebeyondexaggeration.com), and I received and turned down a book contract only to be offered a better one with Entranced Publishing. The Tethering will soon be a real book with cover art and everything. So I could not be more grateful for having such a successful year.

I have learned some very important things along that way:

If it seems too good to be true and you should be happy but it gives you a stomach ache instead, you probably shouldn’t do it.

Head hopping is a fun yet horrible habit that must be broken.

The word that is the bane of my existence. Along with commas. I still hate commas.

You can, in fact, balance working on two laptops on one lap while drinking coffee and eating a popsicle. Try this at your own risk.

The amount of snack food a body is able to ingest increases exponentially with each page of editing that needs to be done.

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful 2013, too. Here’s to another year of new adventures and new stories to be told!

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