Submitting Book Two in The Tethering Series (Or Why I’m having a Nervous Breakdown THIS Week)

Book two in The Tethering series, currently entitled The Siren’s Realm, is almost ready to be sent to my publisher. It just needs the finishing formatting touches, and it’s ready to go! And I am scared poopless.

It’s not that I don’t think the book is good. I really think it’s stronger than the first book. Now that we know the characters and the world they live in, I can let them explore more. I’m really proud of the book, but I’m terrified of giving it to my editor.

When I did the original submissions for The Tethering, I was sending things out to strangers. If they didn’t like it, no big deal: some random stranger did like my work. I’ll find another stranger to send it to tomorrow. Those submissions were like auditioning in New York. Sure, it’s disappointing when you don’t book the gig, but there’s another audition tomorrow. Or maybe even this afternoon if you hurry.

But sending it to the editor that I have been working with for the better part of a year, who knows my work and neuroses, feels like a one shot deal. If she hates it, will I have to rebuild my entire book? What if the leap into the fantastical is too much of a departure from the world my characters reside in in The Tethering?

I think it’s time to send it, even if the thought is panic inducing. It’s been edited, beta read, and polished.  If I spend any more time with it before I submit, I’ll just tear it apart before she ever gets the chance to see it.

So wish me luck, ya’ll, and stay tuned for more news and stories about my road to the publication dream!

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2 thoughts on “Submitting Book Two in The Tethering Series (Or Why I’m having a Nervous Breakdown THIS Week)

  1. When does the first book come out?

    • Right now the date is set for May 12th. There’s still things like cover art and stuff to get nailed down, but right now my publisher is saying the 12th is a go.

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