Galleys Away!

I’ve received the galley for The Tethering! Yay! It’s all there. All my words, all my characters, formatted all pretty in a very official looking Adobe file.

My only job now is to go through it one more time with a fine tooth comb. Check every comma and period. Every name and conjunction. And dear lord it is driving me nuts. With all of the “rewrite this chapter to be from a different point of view,” and “add an entirely new chapter here,” this type of editing is the worst. I stare at every mark on the page and panic about it being right. What if that comma isn’t right? Will it ruin my entire book? What if someone reads my book, hates my commas, leaves me a horrible review, and no one else ever reads my book. That evil misplaced comma might ruin years of work!

And then I calm down, eat a cookie, and move on. But what if I’ve missed something really big? What if I never noticed a word that’s just plain wrong? “To” instead of “for” is a huge difference! What if I made an even bigger mistake and don’t catch it this time around? Then it will be too late!

And then there are things that I know it’s too late to change. What if I don’t want to say “standing in the door?” What if I want to say “appeared in the doorway?” What if I find that I used the word “door” three times in three sentences and never noticed? The universe may implode if I don’t have all the words perfect since I will never ever have a chance to fix it!

Okay, maybe not the whole universe, but my universe. I know that no matter how many times I edit the book, I will always be able to find something I want to change the next time through. But it’s time to let it go. I have wonderful editors, and if they say it’s ready, then The Tethering really is ready for publication.

The galley is done, and now it’s time for blog tours and cover releases. So stay tuned folks because I’ve seen my cover, and it is beautiful!

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