The Life Cycle of a Book (Or Megan’s Super Amazing Technicolor Blog Tour)

My blog tour/cover reveal/book review signup sheet has arrived! In my mind, people are frantically clicking the submit button, desperate to have me appear on their blogs. And believe me, my cover is so neat everyone should see it! Arterismos did an amazing job. And hopefully lots of people will show up, The Tethering will end up all over the internet, and people will fall in love with Jacob and Emilia just like I have.

But what happens after the blog tour is over? How many times a day is it socially acceptable to tweet merciless promotions for my book? And if I paint my body with the picture from my cover and streak trough Time Square naked, would it sell enough books to cover my ticket from the police for public indecency?

I do have a marketing team from Entranced Publishing, but I only get to be the front burner project for a little while, then I am sort of on my own. I am hoping to be able to do signings and author events wherever my theatrical travels take me, but will that be enough the keep momentum going for The Tethering once the blog tour is over? I want to make really cool swag (I have dreams of buttons emblazoned with The Tethering that will proudly be attached to the backpacks of travelers the world over), but if everyone makes bookmarks, will mine stand out enough in the crowd to actually sell books?

And what about when, hopefully, the sequel is released? How will I make sure the people who read, and hopefully fell in love with my first book will know the second one is available?

I know this whole post has just been me asking questions and having a general freak out. However, if you happen to have any brilliant ideas, please share them in the comment section below. Or if you would like to take part in the internet extravaganza that will be my cover reveal, blog tour, and book review, click on the link below and sign up.

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