Guest Post from Samantha Grey: Author of Unveiling You

Caleb vs. Amy
Guest Post Samantha Grey 4/14

In my new book, Unveiling You, my main characters Amy and Caleb are both very competitive people. When they’re set up against each other for a potential job, they’re both determined to prove themselves… until they start to fall for each other.

Their competitiveness made me wonder… who would win some of these common games and sports?

Winner: Amy. She was on the swim team in high school. Actually, in Unveiling You, she would have won their race, if Caleb hadn’t cheated.

Computer Coding
Winner: Caleb. He founded his own company, the popular blog Connected, and later sold it for a million dollars. Of course, his grandfather’s assistant would say it’s because he drove it into the ground, but semantics. He’s half a millionaire because of is.

Foreign Language Fluency
Winner: Amy. She speaks Spanish and one of her two majors is Linguistics. Caleb can say dirty words in Spanish and ask where the nearest bar is in Thai.

Winner: Caleb. He owns a motorcycle — partially because he wants to look cool, yes, but hey, it’s a motorcycle!

Snobby Book Reading
Winner: Caleb. When he finds out Amy doesn’t like Cormac McCarthy, he starts making fun of her. “What do you read? Let me guess, Nora Roberts? Nicholas Sparks?”

Snobby Movie Watching
Winner: Amy. She can’t believe the guy who made fun of her for not liking Cormac McCarthy is obsessed with Anchorman, of all movies.

Tie. Amy has a personal blog on Connected that’s very introspective, but Caleb excels with writing humor and incorporating images and social media. Caleb hasn’t updated his blog in months, but if he did, hundreds of people would read it. Amy’s blog is more private.

It’s a tie. Much to both of their surprise, Caleb and Amy seem to match each other on everything they go head-to-head on. They’re more equals than they realize, but they’re a bit too pig-headed to see that.

Unveiling You

The price of secrets can be too high…

Amy is starting the internship of her life for a prestigious antiques dealer. She knew it would look good on a resume, but a surprise trip to Paris and an assistant who is determined to keep her around make her want more. She could make this into a permanent job.

If it weren’t for Caleb. He’s returned to his grandfather’s for a new job, even though he doesn’t need the money after selling his company. She’s up to the competition to prove herself, but soon it’s hard to ignore the sizzling tension between them. Neither are willing to give in if it means losing the chance at the job, but their attraction may be too strong. They risk everything if they’re found out — and Amy has been keeping secrets since she arrived, ones that could separate them forever.

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