The Mountains are Calling

I’ve made it to my next destination! Sorry for posting late, but traveling from New York to Alaska made me forget about all things but a deep desire for sleep. And apple juice. I could really go for some apple juice.

Tomorrow I will complete my journey to my new wilderness home for the next five months. When I write about the release of my book, it will be from the shadows of the mountains. There is a famous quote: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” And for me, it’s true. I hear the call of adventure, and the mountains are at its heart. John Muir penned those famous words. He was a naturalist and stunning writer, but all most of us will ever know of him are the mountains calling. You can get it on a t-shirt or a sign. A man’s entire life boiled down into one beautiful sentence.

And I can’t help wondering, if we could ask Mr. Muir, would he want those to be the words he is remembered for? Would he say to look in some other paragraph for something better? Would he regret having put his pen to page on that day? Or would he say, “Yes, that was my life. That was my work. If my writing can be remembered, let it be for the mountains”?

When we write, we accept that our words will be handed around. And most of us, at least I think most of us, hope that we will write something worthy of being remembered.

Thank you, Mr. Muir, for your fine words. And tomorrow I will answer the call of the mountains.

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