The Short Story Saga

I have never written a short story before. I write blog posts and books, never short stories. But now is the time. It was suggested that I write a short story based on my heroine from The Tethering for submission to an anthology, which would be great in theory, but I don’t really know how to do that without giving away information that is revealed in later books.

So, I started moving through the other female characters to see who else might be able to have an exciting short story. One of the girls who happens to be most people’s favorites would be super fun, but she’s twelve. Not exactly the material I think they’re looking for. I have a really great character that comes in during book two, but since, if the story is accepted, it would be released before book two, I can’t talk about her. That would be a huge spoiler, and we all know how much I hate those.

So I fell upon Molly. The strong woman who is always there to fight and love, but is kept to the side lines. I know her story. I know how she ended up where she is. But telling the world seems so revealing. Hers was a story never meant to cross a submission desk. But I suppose the best way to be fair to her past is to share it. Molly has so much more to her than the readers know. Perhaps it is time to let Molly shine.

On a side note, I’m sorry for the late posting. Internet in Alaska is miserable, but the mountains more than make up for the digital inconvenience.

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