The Camera Conundrum

The Elected Kickstarter is almost over. If you haven’t gone over to purchase Rori Shay’s wonderful book with great opportunities for wonderful freebies, head over now before it’s too late!

But her Kickstarter winding down has made me begin to panic just a little bit about mine. And I’m not so much worried about the getting funded part. I mean I am, but I have plenty of time to panic about that. Right now, I’m worried about the video.

I have a great friend who happens to have a green screen in the middle of Alaska and is also willing to edit, so the actual making of the video should be pretty simple. And I am an actor. I’ve made enough audition videos that I’m not camera shy. It’s more just knowing what to say. I’ve spent years on The Tethering, and now I have less than two minutes not only to convince people to buy The Tethering, but to also convince them to invest in it. Anyone who donates to The Tethering Kickstarter will get amazing pre-order deals that won’t be available anywhere else. But there’s something about Kickstarter that makes it feel more intimate than Amazon. These people are believing in my book before it hits the shelves.

How do I explain The Tethering, why you should pre-order on Kickstarter, and express all my undying authorly gratitude in less than two minutes without sounding like an ADD cracked out loon? Should I just read the back cover copy? Do I need to use buzz words and catch phrases? My publisher sent me so much information on how to make the video, and all of it was great. But I still don’t know what to say.

I’ll figure it out one way or another, and in the meantime, I’ll keep working on the short stories for the anthology submission. Somehow that seems less stressful than video making.

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