Kisses, Claire

I’ve spent the last two weeks working on short stories, which is a very new thing for me. I’m used to being able to describe people and places in detail. But when you only have 3-6,000 words, I really don’t have time to get into what the bedroom looks like. We need to get out of the bedroom and on with the story. Forget the pink comforter, forget the singe marks on the floor, let’s get outside.

Both of the short stories that I’ve been working on take place within The Tethering universe. But not all of the characters appear in the stories. So if, let’s say, Samuel isn’t a part of the story, I have to delete all references to him. I don’t have enough words to be able to tell the reader who he is, so I can’t mention him and it drives me crazy.

Everyone who has read The Tethering loves Claire. She is a spunky twelve-year-old pain in the butt. She loves pink, hacking into computers, and driving sixteen-year-old Emilia crazy in the “I look up to you so I torture you” kind of way.

Claire was born into a human family. She started showing signs of being a witch when she was seven and was taken to live with and be trained by the Gray family. If you really look at Claire in The Tethering, all of that information is there. Her sense of humor and reckless abandon are with her every time she is on the page. But this short story is her time to shine. It’s a chance to see the world literally from her point of view. For us to see her in a room alone. I am thrilled to give Claire a chance. But I feel awful leaving people out of the story. They are living their lives while her story takes place. If you read The Tethering and the short story, you’ll even be able to figure out which night Claire has her adventure on if you pay close attention.


But I will keep my chin up, and rather than feel guilty for deleting Samuel, I will revel in Claire’s chance for the spotlight. After all she’s been through, I think she deserves it.

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3 thoughts on “Kisses, Claire

  1. Short stories can be rewarding to write… hard, but rewarding.

  2. The Manoj Arora

    Wow.. I’m gonna be reading more of you.

    I write too. Please do read mine when u have the time:

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