Kickstarter Video Filmed!

Last week we filmed my Kickstarter video. I won’t tell you all about it since you know how much I hate spoilers, but I will tell you about the experience.

Since I am lucky enough to be living with an indie film maker in Alaska, he decided to do the video up right, green screen and all. First, we had to figure out where to set up the green screen. We needed a space that could be controlled, so we chose my bedroom, creating what my friend called a guerilla studio.  After much huffing and puffing and moving the bed, we had a green screen.


It took a little doing to get the light in place.


Please notice my trusty suit case and the Bota Box holding the light up.

We even had a sound guy with a boom made out of a broom handle. Nothing but the best for my Kickstarter video. There was also lots of fun with trying to time takes in between noise from the common room and helicopter rumbles. But since the helicopters were going to evacuate people in danger of flooding and rockslides, I think it was a more than acceptable noise problem. And don’t worry, I think everyone got out just fine. And they got a free helicopter ride, too!

There is something to be said for being surrounded by incredibly talented people. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the perfect setting. You can get anything done with a little help from your friends.IMG_6936

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