The Thanks Before the Storm

We all have our partners in crime. Hiking buddies, best friends, drinking buddies (for those of us over the ripe old age of twenty-one). We all have that person who makes whatever we’re doing more fun. My P.I.C. is my husband. Convenient, I know, but it’s true.

We have all sorts of adventures together, traveling the country and sometimes the world. Lately, the big adventure, besides living in beautiful Alaska, has been working on The Tethering series as well as my new super secret project. For me, this means spending most of my time not spent at the theatre in front of my laptop writing, editing, and organizing everything for my book tour. This means that my dear, sweet husband, in a show of utter devotion and belief in my books, spends most of his free time working on the books, too.

He proofs my blogs, does the preliminary edits on my books, and feeds me. All this on top of being the chief spell language creator for The Tethering, and helping me write the fight sequences, and helping me find the random couch I somehow lost in my book (No, seriously, I lost a couch!).

He was the one holding my hand through the query writing phase and through the ups and downs of losing and gaining publishers. And he was the one who believed in Jacob Evans before he even had a name.

So before things get crazy with pre-orders beginning next month, I want to say thank you. My husband is a true Partner in Crime in every sense that doesn’t require police involvement. So thank you, Love, from the bottom of my heart.

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