Order of Invitations

Preorder for The Tethering is just around the corner. I have blog tour posts dripping out of my ears, and I now know how to make an excel calendar. I’ve even been considering the benefits of a release day Thunder Clap, and yes, I almost understand how a Thunder Clap works.  I’ve also set up an open invitation Facebook event for the start of the Preorder.

I have like 600-some Facebook friends, only a few of whom are my writer type friends. The rest are people I know through college and theatre. Some of them are dear, lifelong friends, and some are people I met through other people. And as I’ve been going through all my Facebook friends and inviting them to my event, I’ve had to make some tough decisions.

There are my dear friends who will say yes to the Preorder event just because they love me. I invited them first. There are the people who I’m not great friends with but who have expressed interest in The Tethering, so they went next. Then it was time for people who have always been real swell to me, but probably still have yet to figure out that I wrote a book, let alone am having one published. And then will come everyone else.

“Why didn’t you just do it all at once and save yourself sifting through your Facebook friends so many times?” you ask? To avoid judgy poop syndrome.

For the casual acquaintances, if I invite them to a Facebook event that no one else has clicked attending, they might think I’m a joke. They might think people know about The Tethering and hate it! They won’t click attending out of fear it will turn them into social pariahs! So, I had to do an order of invites to make sure I had people attending before I opened my Facebook event up to judging. Call me crazy, call me insecure, click on the link to attend the Preorder event and see how many of my friends have said they’ll attend.

And if any of my Facebook friends read this and haven’t received an invite, I’ve been sifting through 600 people in not quite alphabetical order. I’m sorry I missed you! Please still love me!

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