One Week In

The Tethering has been up for Preorder for one week! More than one-hundred-and-seventeen copies presold, and only ten of them are for my mother. The Kickstarter is 80% funded, and more than two-hundred people have preordered.

It has been a whirlwind of a week! It started with me freaking out and trying to run away into the Alaskan wilderness barefoot, and now I am (mostly) calmly checking numbers a few times a day and tweeting my little heart out.

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten is why Kickstarter? Is your book not actually going to get published? The Tethering is going to be published. Even if we were to not reach the pledge goal, my publisher would find a way to get the book out there. And judging by the first week, we should hit our goal. Especially since my mother went to a special showing of the new Doctor Who episode at the movie theatre and gave out bookmarks. In an unprecedented show of motherly affection, she even gave one to a weeping angel.

I could tell you again about why Silence in the Library uses Kickstarter (if you missed that post, click here), but the bottom line is, The Tethering will be published. When you choose a “pledge level,” you are simply adding the preorder package you want to your cart. So, please click on the link and preorder The Tethering.

And in case you want to learn more about  The Tethering, my writing process, and my dorkiness in general, here is a recap of this week’s portion of the blog tour:

Susanne Mathews’ Blissful Blog

Emily Ann Ward’s Blog

Melinda Dozier’s Blog

Please note some of these authors do write adult romance, so if you have a young reader peeking over your shoulder, you might not want to scroll past The Tethering’s posts. If you are an adult reader looking for steamy reads by amazing authors, check out the rest of their blogs. These women are amazing.

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