I have  a problem. I’m sure I’m not the only writer who suffers from it. For my purposes, we’ll call it overstorieditis. What I mean by this is I have too many stories to write.

First, I have to finish The Tethering series. Book two needs to be edited by my publisher, book three is still in revisions, and book four consists of less than a thousand words.

Then I have a epic fantasy series I’ve just started on. I want it to be nine books.

We can’t possible forget the Christmas Novella and the full length romance.

I also have a mystery book I want to write with my sister.

Add that onto the fact that I want to re-imagine a book I wrote more than a decade ago.

You’d think, “Hey Megan, why don’t you keep plugging through this list of everything you want to write? That’s fourteen books at least.”

But no, no, not my brain. I was hiking yesterday and came up with a brilliant idea for a new YA trilogy. And I can’t not write it. It would be too much fun!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Even if I didn’t work full time as an actor, this list would take me years. So, if you need me over the next decade and I’m not at the theatre or playing with Pluto, just look for a face buried in a computer screen. That will be me, telling all the stories.

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3 thoughts on “Overstorieditis

  1. I guess that’s better than not having anything to write about, right?

  2. You’re still young, but all that will take a long time. Maybe you could combine some ideas 😉

  3. I come up with a dozen new ideas a year myself… humans don’t really need sleep, do we?

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