Remembering to Live

Every article you read about being a successful author tells you to write every day. And I do most days. But then there are other days when other things seem more important. Like climbing a mountain. Packing everything I own to move across the country again. Learning my music for the next show. And I’ll admit it, sometimes binging on food and Netflix and refusing to do anything more productive than (hopefully) remembering to brush my teeth.

And part of me worries if by breaking this cardinal rule of authorly success, I’m dooming my characters’ stories to never be told. Am I dooming Jacob to obscurity by spending my whole day hiking and not touching my computer even once?

And now with The Tethering preorder happening, I’m adding blog tours, social media, and my chronic compulsion to check my stats to the list of things that get in the way of my writing.

I love my day job, but being in musical theatre is exhausting. I sing, I dance, I kick my face. And when I get home, I just want to sleep. I know actors are supposed to have the post show high, but I lost that around show number 3,000-some. Now when I get done with work, I just want to curl up with my tea and snack and sleep. I love performing, I really do. And I love writing. But between living out different lives on stage and in my writing, I don’t want to risk missing out on real life.

So this is my writing for today. Sorry WIP, your word count will not budge on this day. I will make sure I have enough underwear in the right bags to get to the next job without dirty panty syndrome. And I will go out for one final meal with my Alaskan family. After all, how can I write about life if I forget to live my own?

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