The War of the Word Counts

I have a wonderful life. I get to play on stage to pay my bills. I just paid off my student loans this week (Woot, woot!). I have a great husband. But dear literary lord, I don’t know how my writer friends have such high word counts! I try to write every day. And usually I do really well. I will admit that sometimes things like getting blog tour posts ready for The Tethering’s October 20th release (Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.) or tech week for a show get in the way. But generally speaking, I can meet my two-thousand-words-a-day goal. Until I’m in revisions. And then edits. Then I’m lucky if I can get in five-hundred words on a new WIP.

And suddenly I feel like I’m counting calories in reverse. It’s like being back in dance school where the girl next to you is bragging that she only ate 1,400 calories today but in reverse. All I hear is voices saying if I haven’t finished writing six books by the end of the year, I’m a failure.

But I don’t think I should feel like that. I have a book coming out this year with a really great publisher. And a short story coming out in an anthology. And book two in The Tethering series coming out early next year. And two WIPs and book three in The Tethering in revisions. I think if I try to do any more, my brain will explode. Does that mean I’ll never get noticed because my body of work will be too small? Am I screwing myself and my books over by not pushing myself to the point of creative insanity reaching for more words than I have in my brain on a given day?

How little is too little? How do you deal with the war of the word counts?

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