The Book Defacement

I almost set a glass on a book yesterday. The book was on the end table. I live in cast housing, so who knows how long the book had been there or if anyone was actually reading it. But it was there, and my condensation covered glass grazed the surface before I realized what I was doing. I was horrified. Someone wrote those words and designed that cover. Editors spent hours making sure each word was perfect and perfectly aligned with the margins, and I almost ruined it with an errant glass of iced tea.

Now my reaction might have been a little extreme. After wiping the dew off the book with the front of my shirt, I may have cradled it for a few minutes to make sure it was all right. Part of me wonders if it’s because soon I’ll have a book and with any luck people will read it. Chances are some of those people will leave The Tethering out on a table. And someone somewhere will set a dewy glass on my cover art! I know this is inevitable, I know. But still I felt horrible accidentally almost defacing a book.

Books are printed in mass. There are lots of copies of lots of books. But somehow each one still feels important. I know the words have been duplicated over and over again. But every book feels special. Strangely, I don’t feel the same about e-readers. They feel like they are meant to be replaced every three to five years.

Do you cherish your books? Am I just being creepy?

On another note, I created a Thunder Clap for the October 20th Amazon release of The Tethering! If you have a Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook and want to support an indie author, click on this link and sign up! Together we can make The Tethering the book heard round the world. Or at least seen on a lot of Twitter feeds!

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One thought on “The Book Defacement

  1. I agree with you, books should be treated with respect. I cringe everytime I accidentally kink a page.
    I also find myself straightening bent pages when I read a used book as well.
    I’m rearing a particularly thick book right now -a three in one omnibus edition- where the sweat from my hands is damaging the cover, i haven’t had this happen before, I think the cover wasn’t made from good material.

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