The Social in Social Media

Wonderful things are happening in the world of The Tethering! October 20th The Tethering will hit Amazon and Barnes and Noble. And my short story At the Corner of the Garden Wall will be featured in the amazing anthology Athena’s Daughters II, up for preorder from Silence in the Library Publishing this December! The original Athena’s Daughters was a huge success. You can still check out the page on Facebook. And that’s a whole lot to live up to.

I was just given the task, nay, the honor of being in charge of social media for the project. Which is great! Everything I learn about social media promotion for Athena’s Daughters II will only help me to better promote The Tethering Series. I need all the motivation I can get to figure out how to actually use Twitter and Facebook in a meaningful manner. I’ve mastered Tweetdeck, next up: the world!

No, but really. We have authors from all over participating in this project. How do I help to utilize their connections to the greatest advantage of the group? I’ve never actually met any of these women, and now it’s my job to turn them into a social media machine.

Do you have any fantastic ideas you’d like to share with the How to Promote an Anthology class? Any books to recommend? Comment below, or better yet tweet me @MeganORussell.

And if you have a Twitter, or Facebook, or Tumblr (I really don’t know what Tumblr is), pretty pretty please sign up for my Thunder Clap for The Tethering!

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