The Day After

The Tethering is officially out in the world. The release day was a huge success! The blog tour has been kicked off. The Facebook party was amazing, and everyone has been super supportive and lovely. I couldn’t be happier to have my book out in the world!

But it still doesn’t feel real. Maybe it’s because I’ve had the book in digital form for so long, and it won’t be a paperback until Christmas. Maybe it’s because it’s too hard to understand. I have reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble already. But it almost doesn’t feel like they’re talking about my characters. It just all seems to be a part of some unbelievable dream world where I’m a published author.

Is there a moment when you suddenly feel like a published author? When you suddenly feel grown up and writerly? Does it happen slowly as more strangers read your work? Or when I hold my paperback in my hand, will I curl up on the floor and cry with joy? I think for me it will be a bit of both. Seeing pictures of people holding their nook with my book open is amazing. Knowing that they have my words in their hands. Maybe little by little, reader by reader, it will seem more real. And then I’ll still curl up on the floor and cry when I get the paperbacks. Cause I mean, who wouldn’t?

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2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I considered myself an author the first time I had to report my writing income to the IRS. Sure, it wasn’t much money, but it was actual income! But, yes, I think the rest comes gradually as your career grows.

    • Thank you! I’ll get my first statement at the end of December. Maybe when I see a piece of paper saying how many people have bought my book it will seem more real.

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