The Review Requirement

The book has been published, the blog tour is over, now what? Well… I’m not really sure. The paperbacks of The Tethering won’t be out for a bit. So, I can’t really do book signings. I just finished the first draft of a book in a new series (please insert happy dance here), so I’ve got the “keep writing” bit covered.

How does one keep a book new and fresh on the internet? I can keep tweeting and hosting other books in hopes of driving new traffic to my sites, but how far does that really go?

In this new age of e-readers, the Holy Grail seems to be reviews. Massive amounts of reviews. And not in the New York Times fancy schmancy reviews. Just reviews from plain old readers. I have readers. I know that much, but how do I get them to write reviews? I mean, I can text and tell my friends and family to go review my book. But does that really count? And if everyone texts their family to write reviews for them, can you really trust Amazon reviews at all? Clearly your mother is going to tell everyone she loves your book even if she doesn’t. It’s a Mom thing.

So, how do you reach out to readers to get reviews? Do you have any wonderful methods you would like to share other than asking through social media and posting on every review seekers page you can find? And in the grand vein of asking for reviews, if you have read The Tethering and have a moment, would you please leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads?

Help an Indie author: Leave a good review!

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