Giving Thanks

Happy almost Thanksgiving, y’all! I have had a whole lot to be grateful for in the past year. I set a goal for myself a few years back. I wanted to be in print by thirty. And despite some big setbacks, my first novel is out as an ebook and will shortly be in paperback, which will put me firmly in print by the big 3-0! To add to that, the next book in the series will be out in March, and I have a short story going into a fantastic anthology next month. I have two works-in-progress, one book in revisions, and I feel really great about them.

It’s not that The Tethering is going to be on a bestseller list next week. I’m a new author with a small press, but for where I am, for the first book in my career, I feel like things are going in a really great direction.

So, as we approach the holiday season and life starts to get crazy, I see all my author friends making giant lists of to dos with how many pages per month and what promos they want to run, and I sort of feel like maybe I should be doing a lot more. I could try to get on more blogs or send more tweets. I could make a color coded business plan. But for now, I’m going to focus on being grateful for how far the last year has taken me and The Tethering.

Thank you to everyone who has hosted a blog post or left a comment. Thank you to everyone who has read The Tethering. Thank you for your tweets, reviews, likes, and Facebook posts. I am forever grateful.

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