At the Corner of the Garden Wall

I am thrilled to have my short story At the Corner of the Garden Wall included in Athena’s Daughters 2. Athena’s Daughters 2 is an anthology of women in science fiction and fantasy currently available for preorder from Silence in the Library.

My first novel The Tethering was released just a few months ago by Silence in the Library. When I found out about the open submissions for Athena’s Daughters 2, I knew I wanted to write something in the world of The Tethering, but choosing what the story should be wasn’t as easy as you might think.

The Tethering  focuses on Jacob and Emilia, but writing a short story about either of them would cause horrible spoilers for the rest of the series. The same goes for several minor characters who become more important as the series goes on.

After much hemming, hawing and deliberation, I decided to write a story about Claire, a twelve-year-old witch who loves all things pink. Writing in the world of The Tethering from a point of view I had never explored before was so much fun. And it also gives fans of The Tethering a chance to get to know Claire a little better, as I have often been told she is a favorite character.

Claire is much snarkier than Jacob or Emilia. She also has a very direct way of thinking that lent itself to the constraints of writing a short story. Claire isn’t one to wonder about all the things that could go wrong. She knows what she wants and goes after it without question. It’s a part of the beauty of being twelve. The way she see’s Jacob and Emilia as people to be looked up to and the place where they all live as a world of adventure gives new meaning to the spells that are found in The Tethering. Writing through the eyes of a girl who still sees her world with childlike wonder brought out a level of The Tethering I hadn’t hoped to discover.

Being a part of Athena’s Daughters 2 is an honor, and meeting all of the wonderful women involved has been a joyous experience. I hope that you all enjoy At the Corner of the Garden Wall and getting to know a little more about Claire.

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