Guest Post from Antha Adkins, Author of the Athena’s Daughters 2 Short Story “Hot Flash”

Hello everyone! Today, we have the wonderful Antha Adkins, an author featured in Athena’s Daughters 2, here to tell us about her short story, “Hot Flash.” You can back Antha’s story, as well as the rest of the wonderful stories and original artwork featured in the anthology, by clicking here now. And now, I proudly welcome Antha Adkins!

I am excited to be joining Megan in the Athena’s Daughters 2 Table of Contents.

My story in the anthology, “Hot Flash,” is about a middle-aged woman who acquires a superpower as part of menopause.

Since it’s a superhero story, I thought the story needed to be set in a city.  I like to set things in my own hometown, Houston, Texas, when I can, but this time it needed to be a city that actually gets cold for more than a handful of days a year.  I also wanted it to be a city filled with skyscrapers and one with a history of gangs.  So I imagined Metrop, the city in the story, as being something like Chicago.

My middle-aged superhero, Beth, is a retired language arts teacher.  She’s suffering from bad hot flashes, but she doesn’t want to go on hormone replacement therapy.  And she seems to be by herself, with no important relationships in her life.  When a friend of mine asked me what her background was, I realized something about Beth that I hadn’t before: she’s a lesbian.  She retired from her teaching job to care for her partner who was dying of breast cancer, and now that her partner is gone, she’s lonely and too afraid of breast cancer to try HRT.  Everything fit together.  It’s fascinating to me how sometimes one factor can explain so much and make a story so much richer.

I wrote “Hot Flash” because I’ve always wanted to have a superpower.  But in stories people are either born with a power or acquire it at adolescence, so it’s much too late for me.  Or is it?  Women go through another major life change … and the power that should be associated with menopause is obvious.  Fire.  What superpower could be more fun?

I look forward to seeing the Athena’s Daughters 2 Kickstarter get fully funded so I can share this story with you!

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