Guest Post From Tish E. Pahl, Author of the Athena’s Daughters 2 Short Story “Crow Bait and Switch”

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have another Athena’s Daughters 2 author on my blog today. Her name is Tish. She was already here, talking about her favorite Christmas Cookies, and she is now here to talk about her short story Crow Bait and Switch. After you read her post, please head over to the kickstarter, which is linked at the bottom of the page, and you can support our Thunder Clap by clicking here! And now, without further ado, I welcome Tish E. Pahl!

I’m delighted to be back on Megan’s blog to talk about my story for Athena’s Daughters Vol. 2, Crow Bait and Switch.  I’m eager to share with you the adventures of Morgana, the conniving, genetically modified, talking crow who is inspired by her forbears, the velociraptors in Jurassic Park.  Morgana’s rude machinations will provoke a crisis of conscience for a young scientist.

As excited as I am to be part of this amazing enterprise, what really, really thrills me is that I’m going to be able to share Athena’s Daughters 2 with my young nieces.  We will have a whole anthology of stories about women and girls by women to enjoy together.

I have a son and there’s been an abundance of hero’s journeys and genre media tailor-made for him and appropriate to every stage of his development.  The storytelling options are better for my nieces than even ten years ago but, still, they are desperate for stories about themselves.  Their parents are even more desperate for stories that focus upon interests other than boys and crushes.  My nieces are really sad that Ahsoka Tano is not a Jedi and that her story unfinished, they yearn for their own sassy dragon just like Saphira, and they argue about whether the Sorting Hat would put them in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.  They took a really, really long time to decide which penny blossoms they wanted.  I got a picture today that one of my nieces built her own purple, pink and gold lightsaber at Disneyland.  One niece told me that the mayor of her city wears Wonder Woman undershirts and panties and that’s proof that girls can do anything.

My young friends are writing stories about girls like themselves with special gifts and powers.  When they want to insert me into their stories, I urge them to give their heroine a mentor and teacher.  “You can call her Tish, but make sure she’s the wise woman guide because every heroine needs her Master Yoda and Merlin.”  My nieces want to know all about Athena’s Daughters.

We say it all the time on Twitter and in Facebook and Tumblr posts.  It’s fundamental to the vision of Athena’s Daughters and Athena’s Daughters 2.  Representation matters.

This is why I’m so pleased to be part of Athena’s Daughters 2.  The stories are all about diverse girls and women who are exploring, adventuring, and saving their kingdoms, villages, themselves, and each other.  I can’t wait to share it with my nieces.

I hope you will join our Kickstarter.
Tish E. Pahl is a principal in a law firm.  At her day job, she advises on the federal regulation of drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, foods, and medical devices and regularly teaches a crash course in drug law.  With Chris Cassidy, Tish wrote for Star Wars, with stories published in the Tales from the New Republic and Star Wars Gamer magazine.  Tish is also a prolific producer of derivative genre, fantasy, and science fiction content.  She lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, son, and two demanding dogs.

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  1. I cannot stand the idea of not getting time for you to go to your blog! I believe about it for times!

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