The Signing, The Preorder, and The Free Book

What did I do this weekend ? I signed copies of The Tethering! That’s right. If you ordered a signed copy of The Tethering, it is on its way to the lady who is going to package and ship them to you! And soon, The Tethering paperback will be on Amazon! It has been such an exciting week!


In other news, the Kickstarter for Athena’s Daughters 2 ends tomorrow! And if you preorder before tomorrow night, you’ll get a free ebook of The Tethering and my other short story Blood on Both Sides! Which would mean that you would have all the stories currently available in the world of The Tethering before book two begins preorder in February!

More than 714 people will be getting The Tethering, and I am so ridiculously excited! So, I’ll sign off for now since I can’t seem to move beyond exclamation points!

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