Word Count (Or The 60,000 Cap)

I have a WIP that I am really excited about. It’ll be a couple months before it’s finished and then a few more until it’s polished and ready to submit. Right now my word goal is 72,000. Why 72,000? Because it’s a random number that seems about right. It fits the genre and age group well.  And because both completed books in The Tethering series are about 62,000. And I think that The Tethering books are right where they need to be. Sure I could add more, but it would be fluff.

I love The Tethering, and I am so excited to continue working on book three and to start book four. But I want to push myself. To try new things. The new WIP is only shown from one Point of View. It takes place in a much darker world and hopefully will end up being 10,000 more words. But part of me is afraid that I have a 60,000 word cap, that 60,000 words is as much story as I can fit in me at a time.

Right now I have 36,821 words in the new WIP. And there is a lot more story left to tell. We’ll see what twists and turns the characters find. And maybe I’ll get  to 72,000. And if I don’t, oh well. After all, quality is more important than quantity, and nobody likes fluff.

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