Crazy Random Happenstance

Last weekend was our fond farewell to Florida, sunshine, and all things non-frostbite inducing. My husband and I went to Disney world. It was lovely. I got to see Pluto, who I have a very healthy obsession with:


I rode all the rides, saw the wonderful fireworks, and even did a little bit of research for my current WIP.  As I was compulsively checking my preorder numbers and poking around Facebook, I saw a picture of two of my publishers… in Disney World with their family!

I’ve emailed and phone chatted with my publishers many times, but as is the case with many authors and publishers, we’ve never actually met.

After much worrying about pressuring them to see me on their family time, I messaged and said, “Hey, isn’t this weird? Please don’t feel like you need to meet me, but I am randomly here, too!”

They were so excited, and we met up in front of town hall. It was hugs and smiles all around. It’s strange meeting people who you know digitally for the first time face to face. They’re taller, or their voice is different than you imagined. I always worry about looking like a dirty hippy.

But this was one of those wonderful times when our brief meeting was exactly what it needed to be. It was like Sleepless in Seattle but with less romance and more books.

It was great to finally put a real person behind the emails.

I met my publishers at Disney World. How neat is that?!

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