Tuckerization (Or Joining the Adventure)

Tuckerization – The name of a real life person being deliberately placed into a story as a character name or place.

A pretty cool concept, right? I think all readers have dreamed of living in a fantasy world more than once, and being tuckerized into a book gives you that chance! Your name in print for all the world to see. Your namesake character living in a fantasy world! It’s pretty amazing, right?

It may seem like the only way to be tuckerized into a book is to find a writer and save them from eating a bad tuna fish sandwich that might kill them, but that’s not true. In the current publishing world, getting a book out to readers can feel worse than said deadly tuna fish. Small presses are closing left and right. Finding a publisher that allows you to maintain any artistic freedom and actually manages to pay you for your work is nothing less than miraculous. I’m lucky. I found Silence in the Library, my amazing publishers for The Tethering Series.

Silence in the Library runs things a little unconventionally. Instead of going into the red by putting out a book and then hoping they can actually pay their artists later, they run their preorders through Kickstarter. This means that by the time the book goes to the printer, all the bills have been paid. Translated: my editor gets a check and can feed her family.

So, by preordering through a Silence in the Library Kickstarter, you are not only ordering a book, you are also helping the come into being. Literally: without you, no book.

And since you are supporting the books from the beginning, you even get to have your name in the thank you section in the back of the book.

And since we know that people who are that big a fan of great books from small presses are probably the folks who want to have their name preserved in fiction, we have tuckerizations available. You can support the books at a level that will get your name written into a book. Including The Tethering Series.

Pretty amazing, right? And the best part? You’re helping new books go out into the world, with your name included!

For more information on Tuckerizations, click here.

And to support The Siren’s Realm, click here! Become a part of the story!

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