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I think I may have hit a real author milestone this week. The Tethering paperback is now available on Amazon! Which is super exciting. But if you look closely, there are other, non-Amazon sellers selling my paperback for eighty cents less.

Now my first question is: how did these alternate sellers get my book? But I think the bigger question is: how did they decide my book was worth selling? Who was sorting through Amazon and said to themselves, “Hey, I bet I could sell The Tethering at an $0.80 discount!”

I don’t suppose the answer really matters in the long run. The books had to be printed, and my publisher on some level had to have been paid for them, so I’m not worried about royalties or anything. And however my books gets out there is great by me. So I call it a solid, if mysterious, win and step to being a big kid professional author!

Incidentally, if you happen to be a big kid blogger who does book reviews and would be interested in reviewing The Tethering or the sequel The Siren’s Realm for my big, fancy book review tour, you can follow this link and sign up!

And if you aren’t a blogger but want to preorder The Siren’s Realm, preorder is now available exclusively through the Silence in the Library website!

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