A Zombie Conundrum

I’m just going to need you to stick with me for a quick trip into a writer’s pondering process.

So, if you go into the desert and don’t drink water, cactus juice, or the like, you die. You dehydrate, die, and get eaten by all the desert creatures who think you’re a really great snack. Now let’s say that you die during a Walking Dead-like zombie apocalypse, and though there are no zombies around to bite you or eat you, you still come back as a zombie.

Zombies don’t drink water and aren’t going to bore holes into a cactus to get the juice. So really, your only option for zombie hydration is to eat people. Assuming that the you didn’t walk into Burning Man, you’re going to be really short on humans to eat.

So your poor zombie flesh is going to dry out pretty fast in the desert sun. Once the skin dries, it’ll go to your undead muscles, and they’ll become too dry to function and, I assume, crack apart. Once the brain gets dry enough, theoretically it should become damaged enough that zombie you would eventually die of dehydration in the sun. Right? I mean, this does seem like the logical desert zombie circle of life, right?

And yes, this is why my nap was so unsuccessful today. I was wondering how fast a zombie brain would dry out.

In other news, I’ve set up a release day Thunder Clap for The Siren’s Realm. A Thunder Clap is a form of crowd speaking that really helps Google rankings, which is super important for an indie author like me.

It’s free and only takes a minute to sign up.

So for the love of dried out zombie brains, please support my Thunder Clap!

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2 thoughts on “A Zombie Conundrum

  1. It’d be like zombie jerky… is it bad that’s where my mind went?

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