An Update And A Confession

This are going well in O’Russell Land.

The Siren’s Realm is available for preorder on Amazon and will be released on April 29th. The Tethering is going to be featured on some really great blogs and podcasts over the next month.

Book Three in The Tethering Series, The Dragon Unbound, is almost ready to be sent to my editors at Silence in the Library.

All that sounds like normal author stuff. Then you get to the confession part of the list.

I have a Middle Grade novel that I need to finish polishing and get ready to submit. I have the first book in another Young Adult series that I need to polish and submit. I have a Christmas Novella that I need to polish and submit. I want to start on an epic fantasy. I need to start on the fourth book in The Tethering Series.

And, this is where it gets really bad. I want to co-author a new series with my husband.

I am making progress on all the revisions and polishing that needs to be done. I still need to write the queries and figure out who to send them to. Most of the time I feel like I’m at the bottom of a giant pile of words and I can’t see the light.

But then I realize that I don’t want to come out of the pile. I would rather have too many stories to write than none at all. And I’ll make myself a calendar and keep plugging away. One word at a time.

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