The Siren’s Price

What if there were a world where you could have anything you wanted? Would you go there? Even if there was no way to get back home?

In The Siren’s Realm that is exactly the choice that Jacob Evans and Emilia Gray have to make. To save the world of magic, they have to leap into the Siren’s Realm to find Emilia’s mother.

But everything in the Siren’s Realm comes at a price. For every desire granted costs a little bit of magic.

And what if your desire conflicts with someone else’s? Whose wish wins out?

These are all the questions I had to answer when writing The Siren’s Realm.

“In the Siren’s Realm a wish need only be made.
Her desire to please shall never be swayed.
But should those around you wish you ill,
the Siren’s love shall protect you still.
No two blessings shall contradict,
so be sure your requests are carefully picked.
Wish for joyful pleasure to be shared by all
of the good and the brave who have risked the fall.
But a warning to you once the wish is made,
the Siren’s price must always be paid.”

Creating a fantastic world filled with possibilities bound only by the desires of your imagination presented a unique set of challenges. And if you read closely, you’ll see where Venice inspired one of the most pivotal moments of the book. In book one in The Tethering Series, the characters live in a magical world intertwined with our own. Allowing myself a minotaur seemed like an indulgence, but I needed to show my characters and the reader how different and wonderful the Siren’s Realm could be.

But getting everything that you ask for is dangerous. And the Siren always requires her price.

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