Book Review Revelation

The grand Book Review tour has begun! Reviewers from all over the world have started posting about The Siren’s Realm. On the one hand: super awesome and exciting. On the other hand: butt-clenchingly terrifying!

So far, the reviews have been great! There are some things that people don’t like about both The Siren’s Realm and The Tethering, but I would never imagine myself special enough to achieve universal popularity.

Some really wonderful things have been said:

“The journey they go on felt like a mixture of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, as the adventure is filled with danger and drama and interesting characters they meet along the way.”

The Mad Hatter and Hagrid? I’ll take it!

“In the end what they did may save them, or it may just hasten their ruin.”

I mean that’s just a cool quote!

“You can feel the action building and boiling, ready to boil over.  It’s a type of feeling that keeps you reading, unable and unwilling to do anything else.”

That’s awesome! Unless you had to do something really important like pick up kids from daycare or something, then I apologize to your ignored progeny. But still I feel awesome!

Of course, there were something I didn’t agree with and had to rant to my husband about and post on the text thread that I share with my really good friends. But as I can’t sit with every reader, detailing why I made the choices I did, I won’t object to the way that reviewer or any reader experienced/experiences The Tethering or The Siren’s Realm. They read the books, and even those who had a few small issues with this or that still recommend the books. So, I will call it a solid win and move forward feeling victorious!

In other news, The Siren’s Realm is now available as a paperback! Woot woot!

And as I have sworn to myself that I would stay accountable during the Summer of Submissions, still no word on the novella that is out to publishers, but the new YA series should be ready to be sent to agents by the blog post next week. And I already have an overly enthusiastic Excel spreadsheet of all the folks I want to submit to! So, still moving forward one step at a time!

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