Writing in the First Person

So, I decided to try something different for the new WIP, which I’m using to keep me from going absolutely crazy while the Summer of Submissions continues. No news on that front to report this week, by the way, but please send crossed fingers, positive vibes, and prayers my way to hear something amazing soon!

Anyway, the new thing I’m trying is writing in the first person. I know it’s really not all that risqué, but I was terrified of it. I’d never written in the first person before, and I thought it was going to make the whole process a slow slog of words without depth. Not so, my friends. Not so.

See, what I hadn’t realized is that I’ve been writing in the first person for years. Yep! That’s right, the nearly 400 blog posts I’ve done were all just really great practice for writing a book in the first person. One week into the process, and I already have 10,000 coherent words written in chronological order. And I know where the story is going next! This is huge!

I love third person. I love the scope it gives you as a writer. But, by George, first person is such fun!




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4 thoughts on “Writing in the First Person

  1. First person is fun and easy, until you realize you would like another perspective in your book. Still there are ways around even that problem, Wilke Collens was great at adding perspectives while staying in first person.
    Good luck and have fun with writing in first person!

  2. First person is so fun! Sometimes I get frustrated with it because it can be pretty limiting, but I love getting inside my characters’ heads and writing in their voice. It adds a great spin on the story.

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