The Reeking Rejection

You guys… I just received the worst rejection from an agent for my new YA project. Now, I don’t mean I’m heartbroken. I mean what was this person thinking? It was a little rude, more than a little unprofessional, and the wording didn’t even make sense.

  I am frequently overwhelmed with commitments to my current clients, so in any given year I must be selective taking on any new author.  I am not enthusiastic enough to move others aside in order to champion this one.

First of all, ouch. You can’t say, “sorry, this project is not for me, best of luck”?

And by champion this one, do you mean me, the author, or my book? ‘Cause I think you mean book, but it reads as author.

I never thought I would be grateful to receive a rejection letter. In fact, there is one agent that I’m crossing my fingers for so hard I’ve lost feeling in both hands, and I would probably cry in the corner and binge on ice cream for a week if he/she didn’t want me.

But in this case I’m glad I got rejected. I wouldn’t want someone who thinks that is an okay business letter to represent me or my work.

Not enthusiastic enough to move others aside in order to champion this one.

Pft! I don’t even need ice cream for this one.

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3 thoughts on “The Reeking Rejection

  1. Way to shake it off! 🙂 Hope things turn out well with your dream agent!

  2. That’s a very unprofessional response you received, that agent should be ashamed to write something like that, he (or she as it may be) will likely be out of business soon with an attitude like that.

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