Join the #GratefulAuthor Parade

So often as a writer, you feel isolated. You spend hours on your laptop, hoping that what you’re pouring your heart into is actually good. You send your precious baby away to publishers and agents and are faced with mountains of rejection. And then if you finally do get published, there are months of edits to get through, review trolls to contend with, and people wondering why you aren’t rich yet.

But for some reason, we keep going. It’s the editor who sends a quick positive note, the reader who tweets about how they loved your book, or the partner who tells you that they still believe in you. So, in an industry that moves at a snail’s pace but constantly keeps you running in circles, I want to take a day to thank the people who make writing worth it for me. And I’ve convinced sixteen of my fellow authors to join me for the #GratefulAuthor Event, running 1pm-5pm EST this Saturday the 29th. It’s a Facebook party filled with gratitude, fun, and giveaways to our wonderful readers, including signed copies of The Tethering and The Siren’s Realm. We’ll even have a Twitter chat from 1pm-2pm for those who prefer the Twittersphere.

So, please follow the link, join the event, and come hang out with some truly Grateful Authors.

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