Summer’s End

The summer of submissions has come to an end. I’m a little sad to say that I only had a 1/3rd success rate. Neither the Middle Grade nor the YA project have found agent representation. I’ve had a bit of positive response, so keep your fingers crossed that I will be my dream agent’s dream client and wonderful things will begin to happen.

In the meantime, my romance novella Nuttycracker Sweet is going to be released by the fantastic Fiery Seas Publishing. I’m well into edits on the third book in The Tethering Series, and The Dragon Unbound has an amazing cover. I’m slated to be in two awesome anthologies, I completed a new novel that I’m really excited to begin revising, and so many other wonderful authorly things are happening.

So while the quest for an agent continues and the submissions have yet to cease, the goal lives on to be agented by my next birthday. That gives me eleven months. So cross your fingers, whisper a prayer, and send all the good vibes my way. I am strong, and I am determined. And soon I will be in sunny Florida, workshopping a musical I’ll be performing in that I am the official lyricist for!


So I call this summer a solid artistic win with a kick in the pants to drive me even further!

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