Finding the Food

I love Harry Potter, and I think J.K. Rowling is a genius. I mean, the woman created a phenomenon that has a theme park, traveling exhibits, books, movies, and now a play. She’s amazing.

And as I was walking around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I realized something. It’s all about the food. For instance, two days ago I gorged myself on butter beer, butter beer ice cream, and other goodies from Rowling’s world. 

It was awesome! Riddikulusly awesome. Get it? Riddikulus…

Aside from my binge eating my way through a fantasy land, I swear I have a point. And the point is we love Harry Potter’s world in part because we crave the food.

So maybe the key to getting your own theme park is to have food that people are willing to fly across the world for. Which is a problem for me since I recently had a tiny kitchen fire while boiling water… Oops. Perhaps for the next books series I should find a food consultant. Someone who could supply a steady stream of food for me to eat as inspiration for my magical world. They could also provide recipes and details about the nuances of the treats I could use for the series. And snacks. Lots and lots of snack.

And now all I want is more butter beer. Well played, Rowling. Well played.

This is Megan’s husband editing her blog, and I would like to state that the food thing was my realization, dammit!

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One thought on “Finding the Food

  1. You’re right about everyone wanting to read about food, anytime I blog about food, I get more views and likes than with any other post.

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