Guess what, guys! I’m going to be a contributor on the YATopia blog! I get to join a bunch of other really fantastic YA authors, editors, and agents to post about all things YA. I’ll be writing with other wonderful authors from the #WO2016 group, and I am so excited to get started!

The only problem: I have to find a topic.

I mean, I could just introduce myself. Like, “Hi, I’m Megan. I write some funny things occasionally. Sometimes they’re in book form. I like chocolate.”

But this is sort of an important blog, so I don’t know if they would like any shenanigans.

I feel like I should write about something important. Like sexualizing teens in YA literature. Or using social media to connect to a younger audience. Maybe I could write about YA books as a gateway to fantasy reading. Or I could just choose an old school great Juvenile fiction author and write about how important she is and the contributions that she made to YA as we know it.

But all of those things have probably already been written about. A lot.

So while I bite my nails and binge on ice cream, if you have any suggestions for blog posts that you would love to read, most likely with a bit of snark and chocolate thrown in, please comment below.

Would a limerick about Madeline L’Engle be inappropriate?

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3 thoughts on “YATopia

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions, but I wanted to say congratulations! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll come up with something brilliant.

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